PIC’s Priority-Setting Process

The 2019 PIC legislative priorities were developed through a process that involved the PIC Advocacy Committee (AC) taking the following steps:

  1. soliciting input of the PIC membership and broader community through a series of focus groups conducted during 2018
  2. evaluating the input and other factors (e.g., viability of issues based on information gleaned from previous sessions), and
  3. making a recommendation to the PIC Board.

The Board then voted to adopt the proposed priorities, which will be the focus of PIC’s advocacy efforts during the 2019 legislative session. Additionally, given the need to respond quickly to legislative opportunities and threats that may arise during the course of the legislative session, the PIC Board has granted the PIC Advocacy Committee to support or oppose additional legislation introduced during the 2019 legislative session as appropriate and in alignment with PIC’s mission of eliminating homelessness.