Ending Homelessness in Hawaii

Partners in Care’s mission is to eliminate homelessness through open and inclusive participation and the coordination of integrated responses.

Partners In Care (PIC) is a coalition composed of representatives of organizations from nonprofit homeless providers, government stakeholders, private businesses, community advocates, public housing agencies, hospitals, universities, affordable housing developers, law enforcement, and homeless and formerly homeless persons.  Located on Oahu, PIC is a planning, coordinating, and advocacy alliance that develops recommendations for programs and services to fill needs within Oahu’s Continuum of Care (CoC) for homeless persons.

This site was created by the PIC Advocacy Committee to facilitate PIC’s efforts to support policies that will help eliminate homelessness on Oahu and throughout Hawaii. Through this site, PIC members and the broader committee can sign up to receive Action Alerts–notices of opportunities to support measures that will help alleviate homelessness. Signing up for notices and submitting testimony through this site is a simple way that you can help solve one of Hawaii’s most pressing problems. Sign up to receive notices here.

If you are looking for the main site for PIC, you can find it here.